Garden & outdoor layout

Garden & outdoor layout

On one hand, we own a large choice of items for outside.
On the other hand, we will be pleased to advise you for the layout of your garden with the help of specialists.
From the project to the execution, via the choice of materials and planting, you will enjoy a garden where life is good.

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Garden & outdoor layout
Gate in iron<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=285'>Contact us [Photo n° 285]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=264'>Contact us [Photo n° 264]</a></small>Marble fountain with its basin. Water pump.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=256'>Contact us [Photo n° 256]</a></small>Marble fountain with its basin. Water pump.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=255'>Contact us [Photo n° 255]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=254'>Contact us [Photo n° 254]</a></small>Iron bench<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=249'>Contact us [Photo n° 249]</a></small>Bench custom made<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=248'>Contact us [Photo n° 248]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=204'>Contact us [Photo n° 204]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=205'>Contact us [Photo n° 205]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=206'>Contact us [Photo n° 206]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=207'>Contact us [Photo n° 207]</a></small>Renovation of a swimming pool with overflow. Inside covering with glass mosaic and patio with mokka Cream natural stone.<br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=208'>Contact us [Photo n° 208]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=209'>Contact us [Photo n° 209]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=210'>Contact us [Photo n° 210]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=211'>Contact us [Photo n° 211]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=212'>Contact us [Photo n° 212]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=213'>Contact us [Photo n° 213]</a></small><br><small><a href='/en_INT/12-contact?diaporama=214'>Contact us [Photo n° 214]</a></small>

Why Charles-Emile Moinat & Fils SA

A family business since 1920

One contact person from the first project until the end of the work

A careful team which is used to supply high standard products and services

A result which meets the customer’s financial and esthetical expectations

Charles-Emile Moinat & Fils SA collaborates with trustful companies in Switzerland and abroad


Antique dealer in Rolle, between Lausanne and Genève

As antique dealers and interior designers for several generations, we owe a large collection of antiques, art pieces, as well as many reproductions. All these items can be visualize on this daily updated website.

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